4.1 assignment: externship paper course two

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Background Information


A. Courses This Quarter – List the two courses that you are taking this term. Include the number and name of each course, whether it is hybrid or fully online and the name of your instructor.  

B. Connect outcomes from Course to Workplace –Describe specific (to your workplace/job) examples of connections you are making between the learning in your course and your job. How you will implement what you are learning within you current position?  

C. Applying work experiences to Courses – Describe an example of a workplace occurrence where you were able to apply concepts discussed in your class. 

D. Work Proposal – Briefly (1-2 paragraphs) describe a process change, procedural innovation, or another enhancement that you would propose to your employer based on what you have learned in your graduate program class. 


  1. Write a paper that replicates the 4 part outline described in the background information. Use the outline headings for your paper to answer the prompt: Integrate coursework and workplace learning.  
  2. The paper should be 250-300 words, typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, APA format.  
  3. Please take advantage of Grammarly and Smart thinking to improve grammar and language usage. 

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