500-750 Word Essay on Documenting Systems

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Essay Documenting Systems

This essays content is very structured and designed to introduce you to the different documenting systems available to writers in the academic and professional setting.

You should already be familiar with the 5 paragraph essay format from English 111.

This essay has only one source, An insiders Guide to Academic Writing.

Follow MLA format Header, Heading and Title

Title:  Documenting Systems

Length Requirement 500-750 words.

Papers less than 500 words will receive some credit, but not a passing grade.

Word count is for the 5 paragraphs only.

Do NOT count:  header, heading or Works Cited.

Use formal English only

Complete sentences
3rd person only NO:  I, You, We, or any of their forms.
No contractions
Indent the first line of all paragraphs 5 spaces.
All submissions are double spaced.
Citation and Works Cited Requirements

Your citations will be to the appropriate page numbers for the information.  Although it is not traditional, you may put the citation page numbers at the end of each paragraph.

A single Works Cited entry is required following the MLA format.  See An insiders Guide to Academic Writing, page 667.  Use the 2nd entry, Book Chapter.

Required Organization Use the indicated pages as a basis for your paragraphs.  Treat each as a summary of that academic information.

An insiders Guide to Academic Writing

Introduction – pages 663-665 (top)
Body Paragraph 1 – MLA p665-667
Body Paragraph 2 – APA p. 669-671
Body Paragraph 3 – CSE p. 673-674
Conclusion topic sentence, one summary sentence for each of the documenting systems (3 sentences), which system will you use and why (2 sentences) , concluding sentence. (minimum 7 sentences)


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