advanced level Evidence-Based Practice Paper

Evidence-Based Practice Paper
Paper Description
1. Select a complementary therapy and a health-related issue.
2. Research the current body of evidence of complementary therapies related to the health issue chosen.
3. Include a description of the health issue chosen.
4. Include a description of the complementary therapy chosen.
5. Provide synthesized evidence on how this complementary therapy can be used for the health issue.
6. Provide synthesized evidence on why this complementary therapy is the best choice for the health issue chosen.
7. Application into practice
8. Provide cultural considerations with the complementary therapy chosen.
9. Include a summary.
Your paper should consist of the following sections (unless otherwise instructed by the journal’s requirements) and be a maximum of 12 pages in length:
1. Introduction: See APA.
2. Description of the health topic: Present a description and any data of concern with this health topic.
3. Description of the complementary therapy: Provide a description of the complementary therapy chosen.
4. Review of Evidence: Provide a synthesis of evidence for the health issue and complementary therapy. You should include why this is the best complementary therapy to use for the given health issue.
5. Application to Nursing Practice: This section should be connected to advance practice. Be sure to integrate the scope and standards of advanced practice to include relevance to holistic nursing, as well as patient education to include anticipated outcomes.
6. Cultural considerations: Include any cultural considerations for this chosen complementary therapy.
7. Summary
8. References: Six to ten references of a variety: interdisciplinary (nursing, medical, naturopathic, occupational health, natural health); evidence-based guidelines; practice guidelines. If you are in doubt regarding the quality of evidence, please contact the librarian.
This paper counts as 40% of your grade so adhere to the grade rubric 

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