a. What are the children doing?

An anecdote is a “short account of a particular incident or event of an interesting or amusing nature”, often biographical (“Anecdote”,nd). Anecdotes are useful for taking quick, simple notes that have been observed throughout the day. They are generally written in [present] tense and can be written [up with more details] after the event when a teacher has more time. When taking an anecdotal observation it is good to note the time, date, place & relevant context of the event (eg. location, background information, children involved etc.). Essentially an anecdote tells story of what the observer has seen. . References:

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Anecdoate” (n.d) retrieved 7 November 2010 from


Part I:The Observation

Observe a child and/or small group of children on a couple of occasions. Carefully record your observations, using actual words of children and descriptive words. Your notes will be very rough… you will fill in the details later. Consider the following as you observe and record:

a. What are the children doing? Describe the setting and interactions taking place. What are the adults in the area doing?

b. What do the chlidren seem to be exploring in their play? What topics, materials, concepts, or ideas appear to be catching their interest?

c. What are some of the actual language samples? Try to get the exact words and pronumciation of the children’s comments and conversations.

Part II: The Activitiy

Based on your anecdotal observation and reflecting on the children’s interests, you will plan an activity to do with a child or small group of children. After getting your planning guide approved by your lead teacher, you will actually implement the activity during your scheduled hours. J

a. Identify the observed interests of the children that precipitated the activity

b. Title and description of the activity

c. Materials needed and description of how to make/organize activity

d. How will the activity be presented or shared with the children?

Part III: Evaluate your activity afterwards:

a. Describe in detail how the children participated in your activity. Use some of their actual words in writing your description of t their participation.

b. What questions do you have about the children’s reactions?

c. How did you feel about the experience? What could be done differently the next time you share in this activity with children?

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