Ap World History Essay

Essay Comparison of the impact and spread of the Islam and Christian religions include religious basics, the way the religions were spread, and where the religions started. To compare the Islam and Christian religions, we must know the religious basics. The Islamic religious basics include their most sacred text, the Koran, and the five pillars of faith. Basics also include the founder, who is the prophet Muhammad. You must not eat pork or drink alcohol in this religion, and must make a pilgrimage to Mecca, an important city, if you are Islamic.
The god of the Islamic faith is Allah. The basics of Christianity include the founder, Jesus Christ. The god of the Christian faith is consisted of three; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The most sacred text for Christians is The Bible. Christianity beliefs include that you sin, and must redeem salvation through faith in Jesus. Bible study is also something that is encouraged to be done in the Christian faith. Islamic and Christian religions also have similarities. Both support the idea of worship and prayer to their god (both are monotheistic).
They both also believe in the idea of Heaven and Hell. Another similarity is that both religions were founded in the Middle East and were spread by missionaries. These similarities and differences between the religious basics of the Islamic and Christian faith affected the impact and spread of the religions. The start of both religions started in a time when other religions were popular. This affected how it spread. People (missionaries) had to go out and spread the religion so that people would convert and the religion would stay alive.

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This caused cultural diffusion, so there are many different types (versions) of each religion. The Islamic and Christian religions both started in the Middle East (Jerusalem), which is why it had to be spread. Much of the population at that time was in other parts of the world. Also, some regions of the world already had a major or popular religion, so they had to spread the religions to areas that did not have a major religion. Islam and Christianity impacted the people of the world and the world itself. It gave people a faith and something to believe in.
Also, they caused many disagreements between cultural groups. These religions have impacted the world by still affecting people today. Wars, hatred, and acceptance are happening in the current day because of the religions that started so long ago. In conclusion, the Islamic and Christian religions have many similarities and differences. These similarities and differences help us compare, contrast and analyze the religions accurately. Also, the similarities and differences affect how and where the religion is spread and the impact on the people and the world.

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