Assignment #1 – (Course: Legal Reg, Compliance, Invest)

Course: Legal Reg, Compliance, Invest

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Due Date – 30 hours
You are working as an IT security manager at one of the resorts in the state of Hawaii. The financial controller of the resort wants to roll out PCI-DSS compliance program at the resort; however, he does not have adequate knowledge about PCI-DSS. In your own words, write 2 pages to the financial controller and discuss the following topics.

· What PCI-DSS is.
· The purpose of PCI-DSS.
· What are the four merchant levels of PCI-DSS compliance?
· Outline the six control categories of PCI-DSS.

The final document should include a cover page, body (2 pages) and references page. 
Please review the APA template that is located in the resources folder. Please make sure to use APA format. For more information about APA format, please go to the resources folder and click on the APA format link. Make sure to keep your SafeAssign score low. You should not exceed 20%

Books and Resources 
Required Text(s): Grama,   Joanna Lyn. Legal Issues in Information Security, 2nd ed. Burlington, MA:   Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2015. ISBN: 978-1-284-05474-3.
The  total point for this discussion board assignment is 10. Six  points for  the main post and four points for class  participation. Please review the  discussion board expectations document  that is located in the resources  folder.

Written Assignment Expectations

Use your own words. Do not copy and paste information from the textbook, classmates, or the Internet into assignments without properly citing the source of the information.
Adhere to the word count or page numbers. For example, if the assignment asks you to write 2 pages and you write less than 2 pages, then points will be deducted.
Make sure to cover all the required points.
The final APA document will include a title page, body, and references page. Please review the APA template in the resources folder. I have included a template for you to review. 
Use proper APA formatting and citations.  Please review the APA format. I have included the link to UC citation help in the resources folder. 
Make sure to check your assignment using Grammarly before submitting it to me.  This will help correct misspelling, grammar error, etc.  
Make sure to keep your SafeAssign score low. You should not exceed 20%.
Make sure to submit your assignment before the due date.`

“APA Format” 

Plagiarism includes copying and pasting material from  the internet into assignments without properly citing the source of  the material. 

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