Astronomy in the news

  Astronomy In The News

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Summary: This article that I have found talks about Dixieland Auroras when the Coronal Mass Ejection reached earth. When the Coronal Mass Ejection reached earth on November 20th, it casted a bright green aurora in the sky of Myrtle Beach. This green color in the sky is called the Aurora Borealis also known as the Northern Light. This Geomagnetic storm that hit earth is a M-class explosion, meaning that it was a medium size geomagnetic storm.

Analysis: Whoa! What is happening around the world these days? Meteors hitting earth, geomagnetic storms out of nowhere, and now the sky is turning green. It is kind of facinating how the sky can turn green. Wouldn’t it be cool if the entire earth turned green for like an hour or something? People would think that it is the end of the world or something and a lot of people would think their hallucinating.

Summary: This article that I have stummbled on to, is about astronomers finding a pair of neutron star. It is now believed that a pair of neutron star is most likely to happen six times more than it was previously believed. PSR J0737-3039 is the name of the sixth pair of neutron star recently found by astronomers. This pair of neutron star lies from 1600-2000 light years away from our galaxy.

Analysis: What the…..? Didn’t we just talk about this in class today? A pair of neutron star spinning into one another in a “dance of death,” and emitting off a burst of gravity wave. It is thought that the gravity wave itself is ripping time and space itself. If this is the sixth pair of neutron star found, think how many there are in the entire universe. If earth was surrounded by these neutron star, think what will happen to our little planet.

Summary: This article talks about President George Bush supporting NASA in a mission to return back to the moon. President George Bush is not the only one that wants to return back to the moon, he is also joined by other countries such as China, Japan, India and many others. This is not a mission only for the United States, but for the human race of planet earth establishing their presence on the moon.

Analysis: I think that this mission is a great idea. An International mission to the moon with the whole world celebrating if we land on the moon again. This could be like the first step where the whole world unite together as one, to prevent huge meteors from hitting planet earth. If we unite, we could prevent earth from being destroyed by meteors larger than earth and save the human race. Think about the one meteor that hitted jupiter and the impact that it did, the impact is even larger than earth by a couple times.


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