B proofreding MBA application questions

During the past year, my wife applied for admission to a few schools under the Physical Assistant Program. Barry University recently accepted her for admission in the fall of 2007. We plan to go to the same school and take some classes together. I am applying for admission to the MBA program at Barry University. When she was invited for an interview, I came along with her and visited the main campus in Miami. I admire the over all look and feel of the campus and was highly impressed with the school facilities and friendliness of the teaching staff and exemplary student life.

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Barry University’s MBA program ranks 47 among best schools in the United States. That is more than enough reason for one to gain admittance to your university aside from the warm weather of Florida and beautiful beaches. 2. Your professional plans upon completion of your degree: After completing the MBA program at your university, I will use all the knowledge and skills I will have learned to better manage my small business and create a better and more successful business model.

I look forward to opportunities that will allow me to use my combined engineering and business skills in the business world. In the future, in this case, that would be around 5 years after completing my degree, I see myself managing my own expanded companies that will continue to innovate, produce and distribute consumer electronic products. 3. Any information which you believe will help the Admissions Committee in the evaluation of your application: I am particularly interested in World Wide Web despite being an undergraduate and having graduate with a major in electrical engineering.
I bought and sold my text books and some other things online. This eliminated the need for a car to drive to a local store on tight budget. All I needed was a credit card and a computer with internet connection. It did not take that long for me to notice profitable business model of an online store and future of e-commerce. I started learning everything I could on my own regarding creating a website and starting a small business. For two summers during my undergraduate years, I worked, SD Pacific in California as a web designer and programmer.
I also took some computer programming classes that helped me develop my own online store structure. I graduated from University of Minnesota with Bachelor in Electrical Engineering major in 2003. I was admitted to PhD program in Electrical Engineering at Rice University, Houston in fall 2003. During second year of my graduate studies I knew that I could become a good engineer but I would be a better businessman. In 2004, I created my first company, Zinyaw LLC and started selling printer and copier supplies at an online website, tonerpirate.
com. I started the company with a $500 investment covering registration and web hosting fee. I learned to do everything myself from registering company with state to accounting, website designing and customer services. I also spent quite amount of time teaching myself successful online marketing which was critical step to the success of my business. Currently, my company has annual sales revenues of 1. 7 million while spending $120,000 on online marketing. I started two online stores and expanded the product lines.
Even though the business has gained momentum and is doing very well, the growth is slow. I lack sufficient management skills that will help me transform a small home business into a reliable corporate structure. I see myself working to maintain the business and after stabilizing the business structure, improving on it. I believe that your MBA program will provide me with essential knowledge to further improve my business as well as prepare me to become a successful business man with diverse opportunities in the future.

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