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For this major essay, you will be writing a comparative rhetorical analysis of Gleb Tsipursky’s “A Weird American in Trump’s Post Truth America” (Links to an external site.) and Post-Truth America? by Julia Garcia, Washington Post, January 5, 2017, which I provided file for it.

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Be sure to use a strong academic voice. Your essay should be 1000-1500 words, meticulously proofread, and in correct MLA format and style, with a Works Cited page (not part of word count). There are 20 points possible for MLA accuracy in this essay; if you make more than one error, you will receive a zero. You are writing to an educated audience who has not read either article, but is somewhat aware of the conversations surrounding Post-truth in the United States. You will want to make them interested in these two arguments as you “lift the hood” to show your readers what the authors are doing and which author is doing it better.

Here are some links two help you construct this essay

How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis

How to Structure Analyzing Argument for Two or More Articles

6 Ways to Compare


Your final essay should contain each of the following requirements in whatever order you consider most appropriate (though many of you will move chronologically through the requirements–note that each of these do not necessarily represent a paragraph):

  1. an introduction to the contemporary conversation/discourse on “Post Truth” in the United States;
  2. two “Academic Meaty Sentences” and a brief summary for each text;
  3. a major claim/thesis that asserts which author’s argument is more persuasive for their intended audience.
  4. an insightful comparison of the authors’ rhetorical situations;
  5. a comparative analysis and evaluation of the authors’ persuasive appeals and the rhetorical strategies they use to persuade their different audiences, as well as any informal fallacies they may make and how they affect the argument as a whole. You must quote and paraphrase each author to illustrate and support your analysis. Use paragraph numbers such as (par. 3) or (Tsipursky, par. 3).
  6. an evaluation of the text that you feel is most persuasive for its intended audience (based on and supported by your analysis).




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