20 points
Read the attached case “How ‘Fun’ is the Amusement Park Industry?”. Don’t do additional research. 
Use the Five Forces Worksheet to carefully evaluate the five competitive forces in this industry. Document your work on the sheet and include this as an attachment.
Write a brief memo communicating your conclusions from this analysis. What are the most influential forces and why? What does that suggest are the key success factors in this industry? 
Consider the profiles of the dominant firms. Try to identify some of the ways one or more of these firms are addressing the key success factors you identified (try to identify and describe at least three items). If you can’t identify any firms clearly identifying your #1 KSF, briefly describe what you would do if you were a CEO of a major theme park corporation.

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Format for all mini cases, unless stated otherwise: Typed; single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font; 1” Margins all sides. Print both sides if you can…and if multiple sheets – STAPLE. Strive for a crisp, clear, and complete presentation – what any boss would want to receive (i.e. organize it for a quick read and don’t include a bunch of filler/non-essential info). 

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