Causes of Broken Family Essay

Topic: Broken Family What: Psychological effect of broken family Who: Encounter of Broken Family Where: Philippines Narrowed Topic: Psychological effects of Broken Family in the Philippines.
Key Question:
1. What are the psychological effects of broken family in the Philippines ?

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2. What are the causes of having a broken family in the Philippines ?
3. Who is the most affected of having a broken family in the Philippines ?
Key Questions: 1) What are the Psychological effects of broken family in the Philippines?
1. A broken home can make a child insecure.
Insecure in a sense that he no longer had a complete family he can call his own. For a child’s mind, a family is composed of a father, mother and children. And living without either his father or mother will create fear and insecurities in him. This feeling of insecurities will even trigger if he is around his friends who are living a normal, complete and happy life. This is especially true in school events where the parents’ presence are required. There are plenty of school activities that involves the parents and seeing scenes like these will even make him feel ashamed of his family situation.
2. The insecurities, self-doubt and lack of confidence in a child can eventually make him uninterested in school. More often, those who are out of school are products of a broken home.
3. Sometimes a child’s reaction on his parents’ announcement of a divorce is not visible. He keeps to himself the pain, shock and anger he feels. This in turn makes him vulnerable to anger, depression, revenge, alcohol, crimes, drugs and so on. He makes these as his outlets. Too much depression, alcohol addiction and drug dependency, if left untreated, can make him mentally ill or can turn him into a criminal. He may even attempt to kill himself if he can no longer handle all the misfortunes which he thinks is killing him softly.
4. Although, let’s say, one parent is still guiding his child, sometimes the traumatic effect of a divorce is just too much for a child to handle that he may even lost interest in life itself. Published on Nov 28, 2010 by marky chavez Article:knoji ,consumer knowledge
2) What are the Causes of having a broken family in the Philippines? Too many arguments that might lead to divorce and the parents divide their children.
But I believe its mostly cause by drugs or money. Too much money leads to arguments and greediness which causes to forget about love and divorce. Too poor leads to depression and arguments and feels like they have to split up and start over. Drugs messes with someones head and they mostly die or the family leaves that person behind for the cause of the children’s growing. But its not all parents, some teenagers runs away from home, of course, with their own reasoning. Some parent’s children die and it causes them to split. For the cause of the child’s growing, they divorce and find some place else. Or sometimes, its work. Not working too much or a workaholic may lead up for a broken family. Or if someone dies, then of course they’re broken inside the most. Article: ,inspiring better grades by mimiemo,Feb 2012
3) Who is the most affected by having a broken family in the Philippines? A broken families affect the child’s performance, attitude and self-esteem. They show statistics that broken families affect much of the child’s emotional and spiritual being, that it greatly distresses the child’s education. The study was conducted on teenagers age 13-16.
These ages are the most effective, cause at this age, a person discovers how to confront the problems, and he learns how to live with it. They also establish their own personality at this age, so the researcher took advantage of this factor, because by this, the researcher can see how much a person is affected by this king of problems, if there are other factors which counter the problems he/she faces. Some might use friends and other stuff to forget things and focus on studies. Article: ,inspiring better grades by luigiechica2008, Feb 2011

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