Cleopatra Rules: The amazing Life of the Original Teen Queen Essay

 I need an essay about the book Cleopatra Rules: The amazing Life of the Original Teen Queen Essay which must contain:

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Title, Author, Subject, Length, and Publication Date
Summary of the book – in 150-200 words, tell me what the book was about.

Summary of Content

Describe how the book is organized.
What is the theme of the book?  In other words, what is the main idea?
Is the author attempting to make an argument?  If so, what is the argument and how does he or she support it? (What is the THESIS of the book?)
Provide a short synopsis of each chapter (or main section) of the book.  These do not need to be longer than one solid paragraph.  I would suggest working on this as you are reading the book.

Evaluation of the Book

Is the book convincing to you? Provide examples of evidence that you think are strong (or weak).
If you could challenge the author on something, what would that be?  Why? 
What questions would you ask the author if you could? 
What did you learn from this book that helps you better understand history?

Historical Facts

List 7-10 Historical Facts you learned by reading this book and place them in order of importance, in your opinion.

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