CMGT/430: Enterprise Security Concerns

  Assignment Content
1. After reviewing the material your group has prepared so far, the management team has returned with a list of five specific concerns. They include:

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1. Access control
2. Security enterprise
3. Impact of implementing a change management system
4. Mitigation
5. Risk management

Management has asked you to address concerns with a visual presentation. Address concerns by providing the following information:
An overview of the access control
Required mitigation steps for each concern
Prioritize concerns
Concerns with vendor relations from the enterprise security standpoint
Description of how the organization can apply risk management principles in its efforts
Description of iterative maintenance effort, including audits and frequency
Include at least two references formatted according to APA guidelines.
Present the information in one of the following ways:
A detailed chart along with a brief 1- to 2-page executive summary explaining the decisions made
A 12- to 14-slide multimedia-rich presentation with speaker notes

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