Conducting Correlational Research – Psychology

1) Identify a real world current event to which a method/procedure/model reviewed this week can be applied
2) Discuss the benefits, limitations and challenges associated with applying it, and 
3) Describe a minimum of one alternative method/procedure/model that could be used with the same event
4) Post a question to the class discussing the strengths and limitations of using this method/procedure/model to analyze your chosen event.
To complete the work this week, you will access media reporting current events.  These events must be drawn from credible news outlets (e.g. cable news web pages,, the Associated Press, online newspapers).  Articles selected must not be ones that slant information or advance agendas; no news source is completely neutral, but some articles have a goal of influencing readers/viewers to adopt their particular points of view.  Using left-leaning or right-leaning or otherwise bias exhibiting articles as sources for your Forum posts is not acceptable. The event you select must have occurred within the last year. 

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 400 word minimum length. APA Format. 

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