ASSIGNMENT HELP | Consider WWII and postwar America.

Topic & Annotated Bibliography

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In Unit One, you will focus on choosing a focus and creating your annotated bibliography.

Use the basics of APA formatting as found through PurdueOWL and to develop a list of potential resources for the research paper. The annotated bibliography should consist of a minimum of five credible sources (.gov, .edu,, etc.) around an American social movement.

Contact your teacher with your choice of topic before creating your annotated bibliography. Turn in your annotated bibliography via this assignment. Research Report 1st Draft

Using the annotated bibliography you created in the first unit, write the rough draft of your research report.


Consider WWII and postwar America. Choose two artists who were popular at this time and explain the significance of their works.


Your rough draft should be 6-8 pages long and use the sources in your annotated bibliography.

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