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The assessment will assess the theoretical understanding of all learning outcomes, subjects and titles for CW from an agreed list provided by the unit team.  Students may also propose their own titles to the course team, if you wish to do this contact Jonathan, Mo or Gareth to get your own title agreed. We expect to see research on the topics, correctly cited and referenced, as well as your own critical examination of the topic.  The MAXIMUM length is 4000 words; however,brevity and succinctness are generally regarded favourably by the markers.  A single mark that relates to generic level 7 performance will be given, as well as feedback on contents and the arguments you have presented. 

À la carte essay titles.

1. Advice for the unlawful: How to stop a forensics examiner from recovering evidence from your computer.2. What are the best ways of hiding or disguising obscene images? How can images be made less useful for forensics analyst?3. Attribution: Is it ever possible to say with certainty that a specific person was responsible for an action on a computer? Discuss.4. Case review of UK and International criminal case(s) that have involved the use of encryption.5. Malware and the forensic analyst6. The digital forensic challenges of (one of)1. Drones2. Wearable Technology3. Internet of Things

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