COVID-19 epidemic in Canada

Read the following opinion article published online in The McGill Journal of Political Studies.
Write a 400-500 word essay-style response with a thesis that addresses these connected questions:
What have your thoughts been on racism and systemic racism with regards to the COVID-19 epidemic in Canada? Reflecting on your thoughts, what do you notice about (a) the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on racialized communities (b) bias and stereotypes in the Canadian health care system (c) whether or not it is necessary and important to collect data that tracks race and socio-demographic information OR (d) personal experience (or experiences of family members) of racism and/or systemic racism during the pandemic?

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To answer this, think about what you have thought, felt and experienced while being in this unusual time and how it has been different or similar from previous experiences. To help keep your response focused, choose just ONE of the (a) – (d) options given in the question.

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