COVID-19, the lodging industry, hospitality and tourism academia and You

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Do in-depth research on COVID-19, the lodging industry and us, using the Internet as well as the library and
anywhere else with reliable information. Students are required to turn in a research paper about COVID-19,
lodging industry, and our community as explained above. Assignment #2 must be at least 6 pages in length
(only text part, not including the cover page and reference pages), a double-spaced, and follow APA style (Time
New Roman font, 12 font size, a double spaced, and page numbers in the bottom middle side).
– Assignment #2 research paper topic summary:
As we all know, the fast-moving and unexplained COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting the hospitality and
tourism industry. This current crisis will irrevocably change our industry, academic engagement, and customer
behaviors. The industry is often forced to weather situations beyond its control, such as natural disasters,
weather changes, global warming, and novel viruses such as SARS-CoV (emerged and spread in 2002 and
2003), MERS-CoV (became epidemic in 2015), NORO Virus (first identified in 1968), and COVID-19
(proliferated in 2019).
Historically, when confronted with uncontrollable circumstances, such as pandemics or natural disasters,
the industry and academia are both pushed to respond drastically; each will alter the course of daily life,
innovate new practices, and quickly respond to shifts in culture. These immediate responses cause drastic
fluctuations within the industry and academia and are, ultimately, unsustainable.
Hospitality and tourism organizations across the industry are struggling. Permanent and temporary
layoffs are inevitable for the survival of many global hospitality and tourism organizations. COVID-19
outbreaks limit travelers mobility and hotels observe occupancy rates and revenue per available room (RevPar)
drop as travelers stay at home. The airline industry is equally impacted with worldwide airline companies
seeing a staggering 100% decline in net bookings. It is clear that uncontrollable factors and events in the world
adversely affect the hospitality and tourism industry and its performance and these are only few examples from
the industrys chaotic situation.
Due to the changed policies and a new normal, customers are also frustrated and frightened so they
have developed a new consumer behavior to which the industry must adapt. It will be the key to success for all
hospitality and tourism organizations to identify early indicators of consumer actions and provide proper service
based on the current customer behaviors.
Also, college students are highly affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. The shelter in place order was
declared in several states and schools are closed until further notice. Usually, breaks and vacations are rejoice
time for students, but this unbounded and forced break make their learning experience unsustainable,
unenjoyable, and chaotic. With the closure of universities, additional services to students, including advising,
housing, testing, health and wellness facilities and services, financial aid, accessibility services, and business
office operations are available virtually, but are limited. The students learning environment rapidly changed
from in-person courses to distance learning. In addition to these changes, many students are going through
financial hardships due to the effect of COVID-19 outbreak. As this challenging time persists, some even face
emotional and psychological issues.
Hospitality and tourism educators need to make necessary changes to their methods, teaching modes,
and strategies during and after a crisis. Ideally, a teacher should be provided with the necessary resources that
are helpful for the altered educational conditions in a timely manner. Despite all these changes, teachers
emotions (such as frustration and fear) should not affect students behaviors and performances, regardless of
their role as equal sufferers in the pandemic. Thus, educators should be provided with equal fiscal and mental
health resources.
It is essential to examine if the hospitality and tourism industry and academia have responded properly
to overcome these challenges. If yes, then now, what are the strategies and solutions developed and adjusted to
prepare the hospitality and tourism community, including the businesses, employees, customers, students, and
faculty to survive before, during and after a crisis? If not, then it is never too late to scrutinize how the
hospitality and tourism community can respond to a crisis, but not be vulnerable to attack of the uncontrollable
factors and events.


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