criminal justice research paper

Students will write a scholarly paper that is a minimum of 8-10 pages in length (8 pages)
The paper must include at least five, peer-reviewed sources that cover your chosen topic from the list below. Keep in mind that 5 is the minimum.  A good quality research paper usually contains in excess of 10.  Sources should be less than 10 years old and if using statistical data, it should be less than 5 years old.  Do not forget to use in-text citations to credit your sources. 
This assignment is a criminal profiling research paper.  The student will pick a high-profile criminal listed on the assignment page and explain the biological, situational, and developmental factors that contributed to this criminal’s behavior to include geographic mobility, victimology, and M.O./signature. 
Examples of Possible Criminal Profiles
 David Berkowitz (son of sam)
 Dennis Rader (BTK)
 Ted Bundy
 Jeffry Dahmer
 Albert Fish
 John Wayne Gacy
Aileen Wuornos
Make sure you provide the following:
1. Give a thorough description of the criminal’s background (life story).
2. Utilize course material to explain the criminal’s behavior to include geographical mobility, victimology, modus operandi, and signature
3. Discuss how psychological theories and research contributed to the apprehension, prosecution, understanding and/or treatment of this criminal.

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