Customer Service Representative (CSR) Controlling a Runaway Talker on the Telephone

Making it Visual: Customer Service Representative (CSR) Controlling a Runaway Talker on the Telephone
PowerPoint and Presenters Talking points 

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I have been asked by my Department Manager to develop a PowerPoint presentation and Talking points (supporting paper) for the Site. The purpose of the PowerPoint is to give concrete examples, suggestions, and ideas to create a more inviting work-training climate at my site, and to entice the staff to read your full paper on the topic. Your department manager understands your desire to make change in the way the employees handle their calls Average Handle Time (AHT) site call center. We need additional research stating that team involvement supports employee’s success. In order for your staff to buy-in to this new paradigm we must have the background knowledge and specific examples (role play between the Customer Service Representative and the Customer) to understand the necessity of change.
Therefore, your presentation and paper must:

Address role-play,a Average Handling Time  

Analyze the importance of Controlling a Runaway Talker on the Telephone 
Describe possible customer runaway talkers’ stressors 

Summarize current definitions and understandings of controlling the calls from customers. 

Analyze research-based information regarding how to control a chatty customer.
List examples showing the importance of controlling a runaway talker
Analyze the role of controlling a runaway talker on the telephone.

Synthesize an approach, 

The presentation should include 10-15 PowerPoint slides (enough to entice your coworkers to read your supporting paper) and 1-2 pages for the talking points paper to accompany your visual presentation. Your PowerPoint should include a title slide and reference slide in addition to the 10-15 slides highlighting the major topics described above. The purpose of the PowerPoint is to persuade your employees of the importance of creating an inviting customer climate. The accompanying paper should be well organized and professional and should be written in correct APA format and credible website for a graduate level presentation. 
Recommended Resources any other resources you seem deem necessary
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Take a look at our 21 Top Tips for reducing Average Handling Time and 31 More Tips for Reducing Average Handling Time for further advice for talking to chatty customers 

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