Cutural Awareness cultural differences

In today’s society, it is important that a person knows how to respect other people’s culture and what they need and what they like to eat since their culture may be a little different than what a certain person lived up to. If a company becomes sensitive and complies with the needs of its client, the amount of customers will double and it gain more profits in the end. Other cultures do not eat meat, like the Muslims. They only eat meat that undergoes the process of Halal. Halal is a process that Muslims do before killing an animal fit to be eaten.

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They pray to Allah and ask him to bless their meat before they can partake of it, “The name of Allah has to be mentioned before or during slaughtering, since the Creator is the granter and taker of life; the name must be said by a member of the Moslem faith” (Meat Science at Texas A&M University). Investors also have to think of ways to present their products to the public, if they want to advertise their products beside celebrities and famous people, or if they want to advertise their products with facts and people who can prove that the products they are selling are healthy.

They also have to take note of how their customers react to female management. In some countries, they still do not view women as men’s equal, and if they would advertise using a female figure, the business might not attract as many customers as the company assume they would. In every business, an investor wants to invest in foreign land; he/she has to think of a strategy thoroughly and weigh the consequences of his/her actions.
In a decision, investors must include the culture of their target area and incorporate their bestsellers into it while presenting them in ways where people would want to buy their products at an instant. Incorporating the company’s products to customer’s culture Before companies could incorporate their products to customers’ culture, they should research on what the client’s culture is. If the clients are Jews or a Muslims, they are most likely not to eat pork, and if they eat meat, a certain process is made before they could view the meat edible.
A company would gain more Muslim and Jew customers if it hires a consultant who will give it further knowledge on how they want their sandwiches to be, it could also learn more about their culture and analyze what is good or what they can incorporate with their bestsellers. That consultant should be able to tell them how they can make the meat edible for Muslims and Jews; the company should know how to make meat a Halal and Kosher. In some parts of the US, the impact of having Muslims in their area increases the consumption of sheep and goat.
It is because the Muslims prefer eating them rather than pork and beef, “Many sheep and goats are slaughtered in Muslim backyards during various celebrations” (Meat Science at Texas A&M University). If companies like Subway incorporates Halal and Kosher meat in their menu, it would definitely benefit them in the future, since their menu would no longer exclude people who have different culture. The Muslims and Jews who are not used to buying their products will want to buy and eat their product without second guessing or feeling guilty because of their culture’s restrictions.
Incorporating the company’s view to target area’s culture In other countries, some people do not like the concept of selling products that incorporate their advertisements with intercourse, like how Carlse Jr. has presented its products. Christians in particular think that the advertisement of Carlse Jr. is a disgrace and instead of gaining customers, it has lost some due to its advertisement. Although Carlse Jr. did not gain the Christian community and those who do not want “dirty” advertising, it has gained those who appreciate and like seeing their favorite celebrity devour hamburgers.
Some people even think that the way Carlse Jr. advertised their product was ingenious, “Despite protests from parent watchdog groups, like The Parents Television Council, this is just plain smart marketing in today’s world” (Kiley 2005). Other countries do not even recognize female authority. The company would have a hard time giving women higher positions because there are still societies that view men superior to women and giving a managerial position to a female would mean that the company is disobeying the country’s culture.
Some people in society do not even recognize discrimination against women because that is the way they were brought up, that is why the workplace often deal with discrimination, “Gender stereotypes lie at the heart of many of our perceptions of the workplace and the people that operate within it” (Heilman & Welle 3). Discrimination in hiring due to gender must be demolished. If companies comply with society’s culture of pushing women down, it will never change. Companies must fight the norm and even if they lose a few customers, at least the moral of the company would remain. Today, equality is sought out by many.
The company might lose people who discriminate women, but they would surely gain people who are for equality. Conclusion If a company like Subway patterned their management to a society whose culture is discriminative of women, they would definitely gain that society but lose customers who view men and women equally. But if a company like Subway chooses to adopt the culture of people and use Halal and Kosher meat, Subway would expand their usual customers. In the end, the company should only choose to adapt to cultures that would not hurt any one or discriminate because it could lose more than it can gain.
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