HOMEWORK HELP | 1. What was the lecture about?

1. What was the lecture about?

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2. What was the purpose of dance?

3. What are three things that you learned today?

4. What impacted you the most about today’s lecture?

5. What connections or reflections did you make today?

6. Why was today’s lecture important?

7. What did the lecture teach you?

Answer all the questions above for each lecture topics. There are 18 lecture topics that you need to answer with the 7 questions above. Each question has to have an answer with 4-8 sentences.


-Global Citizens: Art, Humanities and Social Sciences

-Myths and Religion

-First Nations: America

-Mediterranean: Mesopotamia, Greeks and Egypt

-Dark Ages

-Part I- Renaissance: Portugal & Brazil

-Part II- Renaissance: Spain and America

-Part I- Renaissance: Europe

-Las Castas: Race and Dance Fusion in Latin America

-Part I- Gender Dance: Patriarchal Society

-Part II- Gender Dance: Matriarchal Society

-Part III- Gender Dance: Romantic Ballet

-Los Californians: The Western Frontier

-American Cowboy: The East Coast Meets the West Coast

-Folklore Studies: Folkdance

-Latin Ballroom Dancing

-Modern Dance

-American Urban Dance

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