This is a 2-part assignment

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For this discussion, you will read from the Annual Editions: Maidment, F. (2013). Annual Editions: Management (17th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/ Dushkin.
ISBN-10: 1121833810 or ISBN-13: 9781121833814 
textbook article, “Why Most Changes Fail,” and then answer the following questions:

1. Why is it important for employees to be engaged in the change process? 
2. Do people fear change? Why or why not? 
3. What is the importance of trust in change?   

Answer the 2 posts below with a minimum of 100 words each.

A) 1. Why is it important for employees to be engaged in the change process?
People in the world including myself all seem to have a hard time when it comes to the word change. Especially if we think everything is running smooth and productivity is high. It is very important for all the employees to be engaged in change process if a manger is wanting to change something. Many times, when a manger is wanting to change something, he will call everyone in for a meeting, and let everyone know what is going on and what is going to be new in the company. After they present the presentation, they are looking for questions and ideas, but who wants to stand up to the boss and say I do not like this idea? No one does but if everyone is engaged in change process, they are a good chance that more questions and discussions will happen, and this making the final product better.
2. Do people fear change? Why or why not? 
Yes, everyone fears change because they do not know what the outcome of the change is going to be. They are comfortable with what they are doing now because they have done it for years and know that they can perform the job efficiently and have good productivity with how it is now. Just as Maurer stated, “about 70 percent of all major changes in organizations failed.” 
3. What is the importance of trust in change? 
Having trust in your mangers that are implementing the change is a big deal.  Just take for example if your manger comes up to you and says you have been doing a great job here and I have decided to give you a raise. You’re going to be excited and go tell everyone you are getting a raise, but a month goes by and you have not got the raise your going to lose trust in your manger. By having a good partnership with your manger and also having trust you are going to transition better when he calls everyone to a meeting wanting to make a change.  (Keaton Gibson)

B)  1. Why is it important for employees to be engaged in the change process? 
It is important for employees to be engaged in the change process mainly because they will be managing, or implementing the change in their departments. I feel it is necessary to involve the employees early in the change process, because it gives them time to think about what they can do to help with the change or weed out any negative thought about the change. Also, the employees need to be part of the change to implement their ideas to the change, and sometimes their ideas may be better than yours, because they know their department better than you do on some occasions. 
2. Do people fear change? Why or why not? 
    Just like the text says, some people fear change and some it really doesn’t bother them. For the most part many employees only fear budget cost changes because that means their job may be eliminated. If the change is just a normal operations change, most people are generally accepting to change. I have been part of several changes at my work over the last couple of years, and I have seen some managers do everything in their power to hinder the change process, because their vision is not in line with the company’s vision. It is very important to share the vision of your change with subordinates, so they can process what direction the company wants to go, and the end result of the change.
3. What is the importance of trust in change?   
    Trust is one of the biggest things to overcome for many of your employees. I feel that if your employees do not trust you, then as a manager you will have a hard time leading through a change in the organization. If you engage yourself as a manager, and connect with the different types of people working for you then you build trust throughout your department. But, if your employees only see you as a dictator, then you will not ever be able to gain their trust enough to implement a quality change. (Philip Harris)

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