Due Tuesday by 4

Discussion 1
Jean is a Caucasian human service worker who comes from a small town in a predominately white populated part of Minnesota. She recently moved to the Chicago area and for the first time in her career she is working with diverse cultural populations. Her first client is a 19 year old African-American female. Before the meeting begins, a flurry of stereotypes flood the worker’s mind i.e. “Is she here because she’s pregnant? Does she belong to a gang? Does she want welfare assistance? Is she using drugs?”
As the meeting begins, Jean learns that her client is seeking resources for continuing education, at one of the local colleges, working with the human service agency, offers scholarships for qualified students.   
Address the following: Is there an issues with Jean’s stereotypes? If you are Jean’s supervisor what can you do to help her adapt to the client population she is serving? What needs to happen to help Jean reach some measure of cultural competence? Be specific. Give examples.

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Discussion 2
Using search engines, review literature and current data about human services/social work and cultural diversity. Based on you findings, address the following: In your opinion do you believe that the human service profession is succeeding in addressing cultural needs. Why or why not? Be specific. Give examples

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