Economics Lesson Plan

Differentiating instruction is vital to the individual growth of students. Social studies allows students to display knowledge and skills in multiple formats, meeting individual needs. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze a group of diverse students and design a standards-based lesson plan that meets the needs of all students while incorporating student experiences, cultures, and community resources into instruction.

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Review the “Class Profile” to inform this assignment.
Select an elementary grade level and economics state standard of your choice. 

Using the COE Lesson Plan template, write a complete lesson plan that is aligned to the economics standard you chose.
Include the following in your lesson plan:

Incorporate student experiences, cultures, and community resources.
Differentiate the instruction and instructional materials in order to meet the needs of all students described within the “Class Profile.”

Upon completing your lesson plan, justify your instructional choices in a 250-500 word reflection. Specifically address how you differentiated instruction for the students described in the “Class Profile.”

Submit your lesson plan and reflection as one deliverable.
APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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