employment current

Canvas Question:

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Case study, page 81, Customer-HR case 2.4 (remember to find the page listing on the page in the e-book, not what is listed in the page number box at the top left of the page).

Complete the writing of a job description, as identified in the case study, Critical Thinking Question 3. The job you select must be different than your current employment. Answer Critical Thinking Questions 1 & 2 following the Case Study.

Text Book Question:

1. What do you see as the main differences between specific job description and a general job description?

2. suppose several people are employees in the same job as the one for which you are writing a job description. would it be necessary to write a different job description for each person who works in the same job?

3. Carefully follow the format for the “Specific Job Description” provided in figure 2.6 when writing the job description for the job you selected. Make sure that you include in your job description the following elements:

1. Job title and identification information.

2. Job summary

3. Job duties and responsibilities.

4. Job requirements and

5. minimum qualifications.

check your work to make sure the style of your job description matches the example in the text as closely as possible.

2nd Assessment:

Canvas Question:

Emerging trends case 5.4, page 194 (remember to find the page listing on the page in the e-book).

Optimizing the supply and demand match: putting the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time.

Complete the case study in a 1,000-word paper, using the answers to the critical thinking questions following the case as a guide.

Length shall be 3-5 pages, APA formatted, citing at least two references in support of your case study.

Text Book Question:

1. Do you think that the worker shortages, such as theose described in this case, are a short-term problem or a long-term problem?

2. will increased wages solve the shortage problem? why or why not?

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