English Essay

Word Count: 750 – 1,000 words, adhering to course formatting guidelines
Organization: Introduction, multiple body paragraphs (2-4), conclusion, topic sentences and concluding sentences for each body paragraph, transitions between supporting detail within a paragraph, thesis statement as last sentence of introduction and answer the question in the prompt
Citation: The use of outside sources is not required or encouraged for this paper; however, any un-cited, un-original content will result in a zero grade: make sure to provide an in text citation and Works Cited page (References if using APA) for any quoted material
Prompt: please select one (1) of the following prompts:

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Is the Internet a safer place for creators or haters? 
What is the best method for dealing with an adversary? 
Most people think asking for favors is embarrassing: how can it be used to one’s advantage? 
Is it acceptable for famous individuals to act one way (play a role like an actor) in the public eye to achieve a specific goal, even if that goal is for the ‘greater good?’
Why are cults attractive to people?
Are there similarities between being in a cult and being in a clique? 

Hint: for each prompt, try to think in terms of specifics; you have to create body paragraphs and those paragraphs must use specific examples, so try to think of specific people, examples, scenarios, instances – for 1, you might find artists/writers and commenters, for 2, different scenarios in which one can deal with adversaries, 3: hypotheticals of when favors might indicate something positive about the asker, 4, specific people like presidents, leaders, etc., for 5, different issues people might have that cults provide answers for, and 6, different aspects that are similar between cults and cliques (leaders, uniformity, exclusion, etc.)

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