ESE Final Exam

Directions: Please write your name on your paper. Please type your answers using Microsoft

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Word and send your Word Document or HTML file as an attachment in the E-Mail Messages folder on the Course Menu in Canvas no later than midnight on Thursday, February 28, 2019. Please don’t post your answers on the Discussion Board; they will be seen by everybody. Please get into E-Mail Messages folder and select me as the Recipient. Your answers will only come to me. Please don’t wait until the last moment to post your answers to avoid Internet or computer problems. Please note that late postings will not be accepted. Please Do and turn in your own work.

I- Multiple Choice Questions (4 points each)

Please underline the best answer. Each question is worth one point.

  • Diagnostic information can be categorized into four types of information: observations, recollections, tests, and
  • Referral for evaluation to determine eligibility for special education usually occurs
    • after several interventions have been tried.
    • In 4-6 weeks.
    • during the time of trying alternative interventions.
    • in the first week of school.
  • The standard deviation, variance, and range are all measures of
    • central tendency.
    • partition values.
    • dispersion.
    • grouping.
  • When a school district has a spring assessment of all students who will enter school the next fall, the school district is involved in collecting data for ______ decisions.
    • Referral
    • screening
    • eligibility
    • placement
  • The standard score that has a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10 is the
  • Ideally, the instructional level of homework should be
    • frustration.
    • instructional.
    • independent.
    • challenging
  • The higher the reliability coefficient, the lower the
    • coefficient of regression.
    • standard error of measurement
    • validity.
    • standard deviation
  • Which of the following statements concerning test validity is most accurate?
  • Qualitative observation involves
    • describing important behavior without preconceived notions.
    • analyzing the recall of untrained observers.
    • identifying specific behaviors to be counted.
    • rating the extent to which an event is good for a subject.
  • The two basic parts of a response set in a multiple-choice item are
    • stem and distractors.
    • keyed response and distractors.
    • stem and keyed response.
    • stem and options.
  • If you had to develop a true-false test, it would be important to
    • include more true items than false items.
    • make false responses longer, to trick the student.
    • use specific qualifiers, such as “all” or “always.”
    • avoid sweeping generalizations.
  • What type of validity is of greatest interest on achievement tests?
    • concurrent.
    • construct.
    • content.
    • predictive
  • The primary reason to use a diagnostic reading test is to
    • determine a student’s grade-level placement.
    • identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses.
    • compare a student’s performance to that of peers.
    • make a classification decision.
  • A major problem with the use of rating scales or checklists for problem behavior assessments is that their scores
  • One way to deal with the potential bias problems that arise from asking another person about the adaptive behavior of an individual is to
    • repeat the assessment with the same person many times.
    • add in a lie scale
    • observe the individual
  • indirect assessments.
  • judgments.
  • school records.
  • inferences.

a. T-score.

b. Z-score.

c. age equivalent.

d. ratio IQ

a. a test cannot be valid unless it is reliable.

b. a test cannot be reliable unless it is valid.

  • a test cannot be standardized unless it is valid.

d. a test cannot be reliable unless it is standardized.

  • do not correlate highly with measures of behavior.
  • must be added to other scores to provide a good measure.
  • do not have any meaning for intervention.
  • are not as accurate as those from projective techniques.

Include a statistical adjustment factor when calculating scores

II- Essay Questions (8 points each)

Directions: Please address every aspect of the question and give details and examples to support your answers. Use your own words when answering these questions. If you use an author’s exact words, you need to use quotes and give page numbers. Attach a reference list of at least one source in addition to the textbook in APA style at the end of your answers to each question. Your answers to these questions may be gathered from a number of sources, including the textbook, my possible answers to the weekly Discussion Questions, and the sources listed in my possible answers and in the syllabus. Please, go beyond the textbook for your answers to these questions. Please, do and turn in your own work.

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