Commodity  Chain  Analysis: 
 In  our  present-day  society,  it  is  increasingly  difficult  to  know  where 
our food is produced and where our products are made. 
It is almost as if the things we buy magically
appear on the store shelves; we have little idea and often any thought concerning the process of how 
that  thing  arrived  on  the  shelf  for  us  to  buy. 
‘Made in China’ labels only tell part of the story; this 
assignment  asks  you  to  tell  the  rest  of  it.  Your  t
ask  is  to  pick  one  commodity,  one  brand  and  one 
country  (for  example, iPhone,  Apple,  and  China) and  trace  how  this  product
, from  its  origins, ended up on a store shelf in 
Cheney or Spokane, or from wherever you purchased it (it may have been 
You  will  need  to do  your  own  investigative  research  (Google  searches,  etc.)  to uncover  the company, or variety of companies, involved in producing the commodity, and the various production 
processes,  labor  conditions,  and  facilities  that the 
commodity  (or  its  various  components)  traveled 
through before finally arriving on the store shelf.

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