Film Stars Are Earning Too Much?

Constantly appearing under the spot lights, attending endless extravagant parties and feasts, famous film actors, singers, or sportsmen are absolutely celebrities of contemporary society who can earn a huge money that normal people cannot even imagine. Personally I cannot be convinced that this is justified. Nowadays, in most countries, it is not uncommon that these celebrities, or so called ‘stars’, make an incredible money with very little effort.
For instance, through an endorsement of certain cosmetics brand, an actor/actress could probably get a payment reaching around several millions which equals to at least 10 years’ disposable income of an ordinary working family. Therefore, this may attract more youngsters to move into the entertainment industries with false promises of being popular and successful. Besides that, occupations like film actors or singers, from my point of view, are by no means as essential and imperative to our society as some of others vocations such as teachers, doctors, or scientists, to name but a few.
Just imagine, how can we survive in a society without any doctor when we get sick? Without teachers, how can we impart all the precious experiences and knowledge to our descendants, thus secure the future of our society. Considering the factors identified above, I tend to agree that stars’ big income can by no means be justified by the effort they dedicated. However, let us consider some of the points that may be made in defense of their huge income. For example, the stiff competitions, a lack of privacy, or the relatively short professional life, etc.

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But, when they choose the career themselves , all these stresses are something they have to be confronted with, and can by no means justify their extravagant life style. By contrast, professionals (e. g. , teachers, doctors, scientists, etc. ) always play a much more pivotal, fundamental, indispensable role in our community. Thus, steps should be taken by governments to raise the awareness of general public, and to raise social status, as well as incomes of these professionals.

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