Geography- Development

GNI stands for Gross National Income, therefore it basically finds the average of all the income the List the shortcomings of GNI per capita as an indicator of development. If a country has a GNI, that doesn’t mean that everyone in that country is rich or living a good life. Because GNI is an average, there will always be people below the average and way above it too. Therefore GNI cannot tell us whether there are poor people or even if there is equality in the country, there might be more poor people than rich people but the money the rich people are making is very superior that it makes the average pretty high.
Explain the concepts of underlying PPP. PPP stands for Purchasing Power Parity and it is defined by a number of units of a ountrys currency needed to buy the same amounts of goods and services in a country as $1JS1 would buy in the United States. PPP examines a wide range of goods and services, including food, transport, clothing and housing. It provides a measure of what people can actually afford regardless of the local value and exchange rate of their currency.
Explain why the three variables used to calculate the PQLI were chosen. The three variables: literacy, life expectancy and infant mortality were used to calculate the PQLI because they are three indicators of quality of life that were thought to be particularly important. Literacy rates are linked to the level of education the population is receiving, life expectancy is linked to how well the health of the population is and how advanced the doctors are and infant mortality shows how advanced the healthcare is.

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How does the HDI differ from the PQLI? HDI (Human Development Index) uses three measures to generate index and two of the three measures are the same: literacy and life expectancy. However, rather than using infant mortality, the HDI uses GDP per capita on a PPP basis. This was done to balance the social measures of development with an economics measure, as control f personal resources and wealth was seen as an important aspect of people’s quality of life. 5. What is your preferred indicator of development?
My preferred indicator of development is Literacy rate because that tell us whether the population is educated or not, if it is then most of then could get a decent Job, therefore they can have a decent life with resources at their reach. Some people could have really good Jobs because they were given the chance to learn and get an education. When there is a high literacy rate in a country, one can tell that the healthcare will be advanced because the education is good. Therefore there will be low death rates and high life expectancy. 2/11/2013 Why people who live in rural area susceptible to food insecurity: they depend on agriculture for food, they have limited alternative sources of income or employment (for example: floods and droughts) and they are vulnerable to crisis, prone to natural diseases, depend on farming, The key issues regarding Child and Female hunger: one child is dying every 5 seconds of hunger, child hunger is inherited, they lose their curiosity, motivation and even the will to play, many leave school prematurely, stops physical and mental growth.
Women are the primary food producers but they are more affected by hunger and poverty than men, 7 out of 10 of the world’s hungry are women and girls, their hunger is the reason why we have a low birth-weight child. 2. Read: the origin of disparities, living conditions and land ownership p. 33 Poverty remains in the world despite economic growth in many regions, the world is more unequal than it was a decade ago. NICs (Newly Industrialising Countries) such as South Korea and Taiwan have a quite high level of GNP per capita.

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