How has the election of Trump affected U.S relationship with China?

This course focuses on the global context from various perspectives, namely political, social, geographic, economic and cultural. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to explore a specific globally-relevant topic or issue related to the context of this course. The paper is an analysis, not a summary, and therefore an introductory question is central to guiding this paper.
 A minimum of four academic sources must be used. In addition, United Nations, non-profit and national reports can be employed. You can also draw on information and analysis from reputable magazines and newspapers such as The Economist and The New York Times.
APA format is required for this assignment.  Check the link on Moodle to make sure the formatting adheres to APA standards.
As always, you are expected to express your thoughts coherently and adhere to written English language conventions.            Length: 1000 words            

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