Identify which internal or external recruitment strategies would be best for these two jobs.

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Criteria Learner need to discuss: Marks Feedback
Introduction A paragraph discussion of the aim of the project 5
Step 1 – Recruitment Plan Internal recruitment planning/strategy for one job and an external recruitment planning/strategy for the other job. You need to particularly focus on or identifying which internal  and external recruitment strategies would be best for these two jobs
Classification display for both jobs (Exhibit 8.4 on page 410) 16 (8+8)

Step 2 – Selection Plan/Strategy You need to develop an internal selection strategy for one job and an external selection strategy for the other job.
In related to this, you need to develop applications blank for both jobs (see Exhibit 8.4 on page 410). 18 (9+9)
Step 3 – Employment Decision Making Let’s assume that there were 100 applicants for each jobs and you eliminated 50 applicants at the end of initial selection process and you included the remaining 50 applicants into substantial selection process. There are three vacancies for each job and you are going to hire three individuals for each position.
Which multiple predictor strategy (e.g., compensatory model, clinical prediction, unit weighting, rational weighting, multiple hurdles, and multiple regression) do you think is best to determine assessment scores (p.551). Later you are going to determine the passing score (Cut Scores, page 589), which cut score methods (e.g., minimum competency, top-down, and banding) do you think is the best to determine the passing score? 16 (8+8)
Step 4 – Job Offer You need to write a job offer letter that includes terms of employment and salary information (See Exhibit 12.4 on page 633 for a sample job offer letter) 12 (6+6)
Step 5 – Retention Management Strategy You hired three individuals for each position and they started to work for your company. You want these new employees to stay with your organization as long as they are performing at the required level. This requires an effective retention management. Read chapter 14 and academic articles about retention management and based on these readings develop a retention management strategy that includes at least three retention management applications/methods (e.g., post-exit surveys, offering schedules conducive to work/life balance, promotions, career development opportunities) 18 (9+9)
Conclusion A one-to-two paragraph summary of and concluding remarks about the project 5
Reference Provide Harvard style reference list of your resources. You need to use academic resources other than the textbook. There should be at least five academic journal articles in your reference list. 5
Formatting Double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman, black font color, no space between paragraphs, 1 inch margins, between 13 to 15 pages (including job offer letters but excluding references) 5
Total 100/

Rubric for presentation

Presentation Marking Rubric
4 3 2 1 Mark
Visual Appeal There are no errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Information is clear and concise on each slide.
Visually appealing/engaging. There are some errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Too much information on two or more slides.
Significant visual appeal. There are many errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Too much information was contained on many slides.
Minimal effort made to make slides appealing or too much going on. There are many errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. The slides were difficult to read and too much information had been copied onto them.
No visual appeal.

Comprehension Extensive knowledge of topic.
Showed complete understanding of assignment. Accurately answered all questions posed. Showed a good understanding of topic.
Able to answer most of audience questions. Showed a moderate understanding of some parts of topic.
Answered few questions. Presenter didn’t understand topic.
Majority of answers incorrect.
Skills Regular/constant eye contact, The audience was engaged, and presenters held the audience’s attention.
Appropriate speaking volume & body language. Spoke to majority of audience; steady eye contact.
The audience was engaged by the presentation.
presenter spoke at a suitable volume.
Focused on only part of audience.
Sporadic eye contact. The audience was distracted.
Speaker could be heard by only half of the audience.
Body language was distracting. Minimal eye contact and focusing on small part of audience.
The audience was not engaged.
Presenters spoke too quickly or quietly making it difficult to understand.
Inappropriate/disinterested body language.
Content The presentation was a concise summary of the topic with all questions answered. Comprehensive and complete coverage of information. The presentation was a good summary of the topic.
Most important information covered; little irrelevant info. The presentation was informative but several elements went unanswered.
Much of the information irrelevant; coverage of some of major points. The presentation was a brief look at the topic but many questions were left unanswered.
Majority of information irrelevant and significant points left out.
The presenter knew the information.
Extremely prepared and rehearsed. Very well prepared. Primarily prepared but with some dependence on just reading off slides. Evident lack of preparation/rehearsal. Dependence on slides.

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