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Using the Business Continuity Plan and Situation Reports you created throughout the project, you will create an Intelligence Debriefing and a Lessons Learned Video Presentation to share with your CISO.

This report will be from all information from all events that occurred during the summit. In the report, it will detail all technical information that was derived and any linkage to impacted systems identified in the BCP, possible methods of intrusion, and if events can be linked to one another. Write eight to 10 pages describing the events throughout the summit and all indicators shared by fellow nations. Determine what the malware types were and how they can be discovered in the future, and how they can be mitigated whether by detection systems or simply by having end users take awareness training.

Items below are required in the report for technical staff.

  • current system standings
  • modifications that can be made to stop this style of the threat until a patch is created
  • reputation and brand damage
  • lost productivity due to downtime or system performance
  • system availability problems
  • determining root causes
  • technical support to restore systems
  • compliance and regulatory failure costs

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