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Assignment Guidelines

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This assignment is designed to engage the student in the course material and to relate those materials to current events. Students must choose an article that covers a current event and relate the particulars of the event to the material of the chosen chapter.

The summary of the article should not exceed half a page. Here are some questions that might aid in developing a clear and concise summary. Who are the relevant actors? What is the main issue at stake? Why is this issue relevant to the actors and the reader? Is this an ongoing issue or a new development?

Further, students will need to identify a concept or concepts from the chapter chosen and tie them to the event described in the article. It is not enough to simply state that something is an example of concept x. The concept itself needs to be defined and then explained within the context of the article.

Students then need to provide a reaction to the article. What is your opinion about the event described? Do not just say that one side is wrong/right. Provide examples to support your opinion. Was the article itself biased or unbiased towards a particular actor? If so, how did this affect the presentation of the information? Lastly, what do you think will happen next? The answer to this last question should be guided by the student’s knowledge of international relations and of other class concepts.

The rubric for this assignment is on Blackboard. It might be helpful to write this paper with the rubric open in another window, so you can reference what I will be using to grade your papers as you write.



Article Selection

The current event article must have been written in the last two years and come from a reputable news source. Articles from blogs, entertainment/parody news, or opinion pieces are not acceptable for this assignment. Examples of reputable news sources include: BBC News, NPR, Reuters, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Times, USA Today, Fox News, Al Jeezera America, etc. You should have no trouble finding an article for any chapter in any one of these news sources. If you have a question as to whether or not a source is reputable, you are free to email me and ask, but you all should be able to recognize an opinion piece or a parody article

News article link…

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