2803NRS Acute Nursing Practice Essay

2803NRS Acute Nursing Practice – Trimester One, 2022

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A3: Written Assignment  

1500 words: Weighting 30% Due Date: Tuesday 17th May 2022 5.00 pm Aim: 

The aim of this assignment is for you to apply the principles of evidence-based and person-centred care to plan effective care for a client with an acute medical or surgical condition as a Registered Nurse.

This assignment addresses all the learning outcomes of this course.

Task Instructions:

For this task you are required to write a 1500-word essay that includes the following (suggested word counts for each section are in brackets). 

Introduction (100 words)

        •    Your introduction should contextualise and identify the aim of the essay.

Body of essay (total of 1300 words)

  1. Outline the risk factors and pathophysiology of the client’s presenting condition (100 words)
  2. Identify TWO (2) comprehensive post-operative assessments that an RN would undertake for the client. Using current evidence-based literature, justify why each assessment is necessary for the presenting condition. (300 words) (Remember that your assessments need to be specific to the care of the post-operative client) 
  3. Discuss the potential complication of post-operative wound infection, including the risk factors and pathophysiology of the complication itself, and ONE (1) nursing assessment used to identify the potential complication. (400 words)
  4. Develop a plan of care to reduce the risk of the potential complication (post-operative wound infection). Within this plan of care, you are required to identify TWO (2) nursing interventions to reduce the development of post-operative wound infection, ensuring you outline how these would be applied to the patient. You must use current evidence-based

literature to justify why your plan is appropriate for this patient. (400 words)

  • Using the Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle framework, reflect on the process you used to develop the plan of care, ensuring you outline what you have learnt from designing the plan. This section can be written in first person. (100 words)  

Conclusion (100 words)

Your conclusion should give a brief summary of the main points of the essay (100 words)


● You must support all sections of your essay with scholarly literature that has been published within the past 5 years, i.e., from 2017 (inclusive) onwards. 


Amira Mitri is a 48-year-old woman who has returned from surgery. Amira underwent a laparoscopic division of abdominal adhesions due to a complete small bowel obstruction (SBO).  Amira has a surgical history of two caesareans and an appendicectomy. Amira’s medical history includes asthma and Type 2 diabetes. Amira’s Body Mass Index (BMI) is 28.

Amira presented to her General Practitioner (GP) 5 days ago, complaining of abdominal pain and vomiting, and she could not tolerate eating or drinking. Amira also stated she had not had a bowel movement or passed flatus for 2 days. Amira’s abdomen was distended and bowel sounds were absent. Amira described her pain as severe and cramping, which would come and go in waves, and she rated her pain level at 8/10. An abdominal CT identified large, dilated loops of the small bowel.

Amira is married with two children who live at home, and she owns a café.  She works in the café seven days a week and states she has been gaining weight over the last ten years due to her busy lifestyle and tends to eat ‘fast foods on the run’. 

Amira has returned to the surgical ward. She is receiving IVT of Normal Saline 0.9%. She is drowsy but rousable and is complaining of pain (rating 6/10). Her vital signs on arrival to the ward are: BP 145/70, HR 98bpm, temp 35.9 degrees, SpO2 99% on 8 litres of oxygen via a Hudson mask. She has an indwelling urinary catheter in situ with 60mL of yellow urine output, and a nasogastric tube on free drainage with fourth-hourly aspirates. She has patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) in situ. 

You have been allocated to care for Amira as a Registered Nurse.


  1. You must include an Assignment ‘Title Page’ as per the annotated essay exemplar provided in the Griffith Health Writing & Referencing Guide. 
  2. Present your essay correctly formatted as per the Griffith Health Writing and Referencing formatting guidelines (e.g., spacing, page number, etc.), AND a correctly formatted reference list according to APA 7th edition on the 2803NRS site. You do not need to include the marking criteria with your submission. 
  3. Assemble all pages into one document. Format file is to be MS Word only (.doc) or (.docx). 
  4. You need to adhere strictly to word limits for assessment items. The word limit for an assessment item includes in text citations, and quotations. The word limit DOES NOT include the reference list. Please note the marker will cease marking your submitted work once they have reached the allocated word limit. 
  5. Submit online via the relevant Turnitin submission point on the course site under the Assessment tab. 
  6. You must complete the electronic assignment cover sheet correctly and then the Final Submission Point will be visible to you. 
  7. You do not need to attacha Griffith University Cover Page at the front of the Document. Once you complete the electronic assignment cover sheet on the course site this replaces the need to attach a cover sheet. 
  8. Check that the file you have uploaded has been successfully submitted into the Turnitin Submission Inbox and retain a copy of the digital receipt for the final assignment submission. 
  9. YOU are responsible for uploading the correct file. The file that is submitted is the one that will be marked. If you upload the wrong file or submit a corrupt file, this will be marked as your submission. Please also ensure that you have not incorrectly submitted it to the draft submission point.
  10. For more help with Turnitin Assignment submissions go to: Turnitin 
  11. The use of Headings is required in this task, and you may use the following headings only:  a. Introduction 
    1. Overview of the Client    
    1. Comprehensive assessment 
    1. Plan (with justification)
    1. Evaluation of care 
    1. Conclusion 
Introduction & Conclusion 
Provides an introduction that: contextualises the assignment; outlines all the key elements in the correct order to be discussed; and clearly identifies the aim. (5) Provides a concluding paragraph that: summarises the overall assignment; concludes the key elements of the assignment; and doesn’t provide any new information. (5)    / 10
Overview of the Client 
▪ Outlines the risk factors (5) and pathophysiology (5) that have led to the presenting patient condition. / 10
Comprehensive assessment 
Identifies TWO comprehensive post-operative assessments that an RN would undertake for the patient (5) and discusses how these would be undertaken. (5) Provides a rationale for each assessment relating to the patient condition (5) and justifies why the assessment is necessary (3) with current evidence-based literature. (2)/ 20
Plan nursing care based on assessment of the client 
Identifies the potential complication of post-operative wound infection and discusses the risk factors (5) and pathophysiology (5) of the potential complication. ▪            Discusses ONE nursing assessment used to identify the complication. (5) ▪            Develops a plan of care by: Using TWO nursing interventions to address how to reduce the development of a postoperative wound infection (5) Applying these TWO nursing interventions to the patient. (5) Uses current evidence-based literature to justify why the plan is appropriate for this patient. (5)/ 30
Evaluation of care 
Uses the Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle to reflect on the process of designing the plan of care including:  Description (2), Feelings (2), Evaluation (2), Analysis (2), Action Plan (2)/ 10
Conforms to the Assignment Presentation Formatting Guidelines:   Assignment title page is correct (not the University cover page) including name, student number and word count (1) Academic language is used throughout (4) (first person permitted in reflection) Correct use of headings, spelling, and grammar (2) Correct sentence structure and paragraph structure (3)/ 10
Essay is supported with no fewer than 10 different reference sources from scholarly literature (2) ▪     Scholarly literature is 5 years old or less (2) In-text citations correctly formatted as per APA 7 (4) Reference list correctly formatted as per APA 7 (2)/ 10

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