LI Script Long Island, NY based long-term care pharmacy. Management info system case study

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e researching on is LI Script. It is in Long Island, Syosset. It is a pharmaceutical company it provides pharmaceutical care for residents of skilled nursing and other long-term treatment facilities on Long Island. LI scrips Pharmacy goals to achieve the best customer satisfaction to exceed their expectation. LI scrips have given its customers the best services and have best management system. People consider this company because it has the best customer service, cost-saving opportunity and technology. LI Scripts was opened in September 2009 and originated as a response to a serious need for dramatically improved pharmacy services. Since 2009 company of 4 people has grown to a multi-million-dollar business. In this business company currently, 125 employees are employed.
The Director of the Company is Michael Shamalov.  Before opening this company, Mike worked on the units with the nurses in the facility. During that time, he learned what the nurses need for their patient, from the pharmacy provider.
In this research I would be researching on the companys management system, I would be researching how company became multi-million-dollar business with the help of management system that company have. My main focus will be on companys transaction processing System,.


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