Life is beautiful

The main aspects that the film covers are the importance of love and family, the role f imagination and the resilience of the human spirit. Therefore, in the movie “Life is Beautiful” the director shows Guides personal commitment to being both a protector of innocence for Joshua and a loving husband to Dora that is, at times, essential to filter other people’s prejudices in order to be true to who you are. The director shows through Odor’s character on how we present ourselves, gets taken in two different ways by people, either in a positive or negative way. Some could be against the prejudice or for it that despite on who’s in charge.
To Dora, Guide was a hero, but to he Nazis he was nothing more than a dog. To Guide, the Nazis were of no consequence; only the lives of his beloved concerned him. Guides Interests were Dora and making her life into something that no one will ever expect; a magical life full of happiness. For Instance, the romantic, funny scene where Guide only looks at Dora instead of the Opera show, shows how Guide forgets everyone around him and only stares at the one he loves, Just like how he did not care what happens to him the moment he needed to find Dora before the German guards did.
He did not care what he Nazis did to everyone but all Guide needed to do was find Dora and protect his son, like any husband or father will do for his family. Nazis were only brutal because they were following the orders of their superiors and a leader who was showing hatred towards the Jews; but Dora was not because she was her own person and she Is not the type of person to hate other people because of their culture, which Is why Dora was not that much worry on what happens about being married to a Jews.

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She wanted to be happy, that Is what Guide made sure that Is what happens In Odor’s life very day. Racism, negative comments, Ignorance and hatred affects not Just one’s moral values but also their Identity. Many times Individuals struggle while dealing with prejudice and end up causing self-harm. In this film however, we experience Guilds character In a complete opposite way. Guide Is the type of person who does not choose the path of self- harm but bottles up his emotions Just to see his family alive and happy.
For Instance when, he Is forced to carry anvil up the stairs on a dally basis at the camp, he knows that If he asks for a reprieve, he will be killed, and as a season, fall his son and everything he Is working for. Even though he Is weak and dreadfully tired every day, Guide still puts on a smile and carries on the facade whenever Joshua was near. He never allows his son to get the sense that something Is horribly wrong. Guide wouldn’t react to pain and he wouldn’t show his sorrows whenever Joshua was near.
He was suffering deep wealth him but due to his love for his son, he managed to laugh even while In Immense pain. Even when Guide was being taken to the corner to be shot, Guide still managed to march “playfully so as to the game. Guide never let any opportunity occur where his son can start to question his true intentions and reason for lying; he never even let on to Joshua that he was lying. Through the feeling that Dora, his wife, knew that Guide would never allow for their son to face any challenges alone.
During the scene where Guide and Joshua speak over the speakers, it was a way to assure Dora that they are both safe and that Guide has fulfilled all the duties as a father by making sure that Joshua is protected from the Germans. Guide was always seen as a hero to Dora, even if others did not UT that did not let Guide stop from believing what is right or wrong. Humans show their true colors and emotions to those who understand its value. However, this differs from age to age.
When it comes to children, they tend to be kept hidden from the surrounding negativity only to protect their very innocence that is cherished by all. Throughout the train ride and upon arrival at the dismal camp, Guides only aim was to protect his son from the horror which surrounded them. He invents an elaborate game, requiring silence and complete dedication in order to gain the mints necessary to win. Guide didn’t want Joshua to know the full truth of racism and hate that occurs on a regular basis around them but instead wants him to know that everyone is equal despite their beliefs.
All Guide wanted was to show to his son that nothing is different between Jews and the supposed Aryans. Aryans were considered the supreme beings for having blond hair and blue eyes and free of all external disease, whereas a person with the same internal characteristics but different external appearance were considered less of a human. Once they reach the bunks at he concentration camp, and an opportunity presents itself to Guide to preserve Joshua innocence, he leaps at the chance.
He is asked to translate for the German Nazi the rules of the camp, although he doesn’t speak German; instead makes it appear to his son that the guard is explaining the rules of the supposed game. This was extremely risky for Guide, as it could land him straight in front of the barrel of a gun, but his intention was primal and he was concerned only of his son’s safety. He hid the true reality and their predicament from Joshua for the sole reason of reserving his innocence, and hopefully provide a chance at survival.
If Joshua truly knew of the events that occurred all around them on a daily basis, he would have started to hate his father for the wrong reasons. One of the motives Guide could have had for his actions may have been his desire to not have his son, his flesh and blood hate him – for being a Jew, and passing that on to his son. He wanted Joshua to love him for who he is as a human being and not for the faith he believes in. Guide intention was to fulfill the role and responsibilities as a father towards his son.
Guide is scared of the concentration camp and the Nazis but he holds himself together for the benefit of his son, demonstrating courage and heroism when dealing with fear. He loves his son so much that he shields him from the harsh reality of life at that time. This shows that love has the power to conquer all. In conclusion, “Life is Beautiful” is an inspirational film that shows the cruel and hate of many Aryans towards the Jews. Throughout the film you see the different ways racism, and negative comments are being spread towards the Jews as a way to make them feel sees important.
It’s also about the power of one individual to filter out other people’s thoughts and negatively comments in order to be true to who you really are. Just how even though she could have stayed back due to her religious, she choice to be where her family is. The director also shows through Guide the power of being protective to his son and a lovely husband to Dora, at the same time flattering out negative comments around him for the better of his family. “Life is beautiful “has touched the hearts of many viewers and continues to do so.

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