While much of this course has devoted time to looking at key aspects of literacy instruction – phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension – teaching skills in isolation will not produce readers and writers who can interact with increasingly complex text. This week’s focus is on how teachers work all of these components into daily lessons and long-term unit planning, often centered on themes and basesd on the New York State Next Generation Standards.
Grouping for instruction becomes necessary due to differences in students’ reading abilities. English Language Learners, Students with Disabilities, and Gifted Students all have unique needs that require the teacher to discover different materials and activities for teaching the same concepts. As 21st century learners students are often involved in using the Internet as a source of information. Preparing them for the volume of information and how to evaluate the usefulness of the information are part of today’s literacy instruction.
Learning Objectives 
As a result of completing the assigned readings and engaging in the related discussion and activities, you will be able to do the following for each level of reading instruction:

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Explain principles of classroom organization and management that enhance reading development 
Describe strategies and skills that need to be taught 
Plan a lesson including the components of daily lesson plans for teaching reading
Identify criteria for selection of classroom texts and explain the leveling of books 
Describe and distinguish between formal and informal assessments 
Prepare a list of ways to motivate students to read
Explain the development of cross-curricular thematic units 
Argue the effects of the Common Core Standards on the daily teaching of reading 
Create a four-week New York State Next Generation Standards map for ELA (K-6)

Getting Started
Think of a classroom that you have been in as an observer, a teacher, or a student when an Literacy lesson was being taught. What did you hear? What did you see? What were the key features that the teacher used in conducting the Literacy lesson? 

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