Management of Information Technology

You must have access to the textbook: Managing and Using Information Systems by  Keri E. Pearlson and Carol S. Saunders. 

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8-2 Case Study Four: Business Intelligence at CKE RestaurantsInstructions
Chapter 12 of your textbook, Managing and Using Information Systems: A Strategic Approach, provides an overview of knowledge management and business intelligence as they relate to organizational decision making. Read Case Study 12-2, “Business Intelligence at CKE Restaurants,” on pages 348–349 in the textbook and answer all three questions regarding CKE Restaurants’ (Hardee’s Restaurant parent company) decision to promote and distribute the Monster Thickburger based on insights derived from their business intelligence system:

How does the business intelligence system (BIS) at CKE add value to the business?
What are some tips for developing and using the BIS described in this case?
Was the introduction of the Monster Thickburger a good idea or an example of information leading to a wrong decision?

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