Marketing Course

Four decades ago, the phrase global marketing did not even exist. Today businesspeople utilize global marketing to realize their companies’ full commercial potential. However, there is another, even more critical reason why companies need to take global marketing seriously : survival. A management team that fails to understand the importance of global marketing risks losing its domestic business to competitors with lower costs, more experience, and better products. Course Goals: This course will allow a student to understand the basics of global marketing and international business issues.
Various issues related to what marketing practices are being adopted by global organizations to run their international and global businesses successfully Learning Outcomes: Upon the successful completion of this course, a student will be able to: 1 . Understand how the basic principles of marketing are applied in a variety of diverse cultural, political, legal and economic environments 2. Be able to analyze foreign markets to determine their overall export Potential 3. Understand the benefits that nations derive from unrestrained free trade 4.
Be able to design strategies for lobar competition 5. Be able to explain the various methods of entering foreign markets, the degree of commitment required and the associated levels of risk 6. Have a basic understanding of the types of documentation required for transaction between firms in different nations 7. Know how international marketers develop pricing strategies for goods sold abroad 1 Page Marketing Course By Monaural 8. Understand the basic principles, objectives, and problems in developing international channels of distribution 9.

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Understand the concepts of product life cycle and classification of goods and their importance for foreign market acceptance, product adaptation and overall marketing strategy decision making 10. Be able to identify sources of foreign market information including secondary data from both governments and private industry 11. Be aware of the various techniques used by modern marketers for segmenting foreign markets in both the consumer and industrial sectors. Text Books: 1 . Warren J. Keenan & Mark Green, Global Marketing, 7/E (2012), Prentice Hall 2.
Cater, P. R & Graham, J. L. International Marketing 13th E (2007), Irwin: New York. 3. Contain, M. , Romaine, l. 2009). International Marketing. 9th De. Dethroned Press: New York. Assessment Strategy: The student grade will be based on: % 0 Midterm Exam 0 Assignments (2) 0 Group Project 0 Final Exam: Total 10 50 100% NOTE: In case you miss the mid semester exam and or failure to submit your assignments on time, you will lose the marks and there will be no makeup exam for the midterm Classroom Rules of Conduct: 1 .
University of Khartoum Code: Refer to U of K Code of Ethics. 2. SMS Academic Integrity Policy: 3. The School of Management Studies does not tolerate academic dishonesty by its students. At minimum, students must not be involved in cheating, copyright infringement, submitting the same work in multiple courses, significant collaboration with other individuals outside of sanctioned group activities, and fabrication. If a student gets involved in one of these practices, the university rules and regulations will be stringently applied. Page Students with Disability: If you have a disability that may affect your success in this course and wish to discuss academic accommodations, please arrange to meet with me as soon as possible and not later than the end of the second week of semester. Course Culture and Pedagogy This course “International Marketing” is very familiar to you as it will demonstrate the marketing concepts in international environment. The course will be given in seminar basis the first hour will be presented by the instructor the second hour will be presented by students in a group of 5 maximum.
Each group will have to hand in one topic, Write a concise report (Moscow format) and present it in class (Powering format). The chapters’ presentation will be at same sequence of the course content provided. The same group team will also present a case study relevant to their topic. Course Coverage: 0 Week 1: Introduction: what is globalization and global marketing? Global vs.. Regular marketing. Introduction to global industries. Competitive advantage, globalization & global industries . The Importance of Going Global.
Forces Affecting Global Integration & Global Marketing( . Chi. (1) 0 Week 2: Social & Cultural Environments: This chapter includes: Society, Culture, and Consumer Culture: Hall’s Theory: Hypotheses Cultural Typology: Ethnocentric and Self Reference Criterion: Measles Hierarchy: Diffusion Theory. Islamic Marketing Chi. Week 3: International Economic Environment & The Global Trade Environment: An overview of the world economy: A survey of economic system types: The stages of market development: The balance of payments.

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