Marriage Between a Man and a Woman

A traditional marriage is a legal contract between a man and a woman. Entering into a marriage contract changes the legal status of both people giving husband and wife new rights and obligations (The Free Dictionary). A marriage according to Webster dictionary is the opposite being united together legally, the state that which two people of the same sex join together same as that of a traditional marriage. Is it because it is placed in the dictionary that a marriage can be between two people of the same sex it is ok.
People would think that because that because two people of the same sex that are in love they have a right to be married. However, many believe that marriage should only remain between a man and a woman. If the U. S. doesn’t allow same sex marriages there would be a rebellion because due to the civil rights of the homosexuals. People consider homosexuality a sin. Other people don’t have a religious belief and think that it is neglecting them of their constitutional rights. It will weaken the traditional family.
Others say because homosexuals can’t procreate, the adoption rate will increase and will have a stronger family value not based on a sexual lifestyle. Homosexuality is an unhealthy lifestyle causes early deaths. The homosexual lifestyle is accepted in most places. It could cause an outbreak of many other things such as having multiple wives or marring objects. It could weaken the definition of marriage. Most people think that the only thing that should matter in marriage is love.

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The constitution states in the 1st amendment that we have the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and to petition the government. Many think that if we place a law on marriages we will be forcing religion on those who believe different. However, homosexuality is a sin against God. If God wanted men to be with men and women to be with women he would have created Adam and Steve in stead of Adam and Eve. Also he would have created another way reproduction to happen instead of penetration of a male into a female. Many people say that they were born gay and can’t change that.
Even if they wanted to change they are afraid that if they leave they won’t be accepted in other organizations. Some think that homosexual marriages weaken the traditional family and increase the risk of STD’s. The frivolous lifestyle of one person by having sex with multiple partners cause people to have less trust which could cause less marriages or more divorces. If homosexual marriages were allowed there would be a lot of marriages of the same sex because friends want to save money on their taxes. Many people say that if the homosexuals were allowed to marry then the STD rate could decrease.
Also we want to encourage a lifestyle of partnership and people to build lives together. Now many places accept homosexuals as a traditional marriage. Not many see it as wrong, nasty, or unhealthy; they see the public affection and embrace it. Not knowing that the lifestyle could possibly kill them. Many don’t know that homosexual relations aren’t just physically unhealthy. But, homosexual relations are mentally and emotionally unhealthy. A study shows that 78% of male homo- sexual relations last less than three years and 12 % last less than five years.
Most men are unhappy in the relationships. They are six times more likely to try to commit suicide. Evelyn Hooker says that homosexuals have the same health risk that heterosexual males have (APA Online). The thought that homosexual males have a mental problem and are maladjusted caused her to think. When tested the males found that there was no difference between the two. If homosexual marriages were allowed there would be an up rise of people wanting to marry multiple people or people want to marry an object.
If the up rise occurred there could possibly be a rebellion because the law would not pass for them to do the craziest things. Allowing homosexuals to marry it would weaken the definition of marriage. It would make marriage look like a joke. The basic reason people get married is because they love one another not knowing the responsibilities that come with being married. If marriage were meant to between the same sexes, there wouldn’t be a need to hide the fact that they love one another.
Marriage should remain between a man and a woman so that the definition of marriage can stay strengthened, the world won’t go to extinction, and so we can live healthy lifestyles. ? Work Cited •Helium/ October 14, 2009/ Marriage should be a sacred institution between only a woman and a man •BalancedPolitics. org/ October 14, 2009/ Should Same-Sex Marriages be Legalized? •The free dictionary/ October 14, 2009/ Traditional Marriage •Webster Dictionary online/ October 14, 2009/ Marriage •Exodus global alliance/ October 14, 2009/ Is Homosexuality Healthy?

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