Military Wear and Appearance

In this essay I will describe the many requirements and expectations set forth in the army’s AR670-1. I will describe the importance of obedience to it and cite many of it’s detailed descriptions. I am writing this essay because I failed to meet the standards asked of me me by both these regulations, and my leadership. I accept the responsibility of my actions and will not let my failure recur, nor will I let my fellow soldiers repeat my mistake.Since my failure was in regards to grooming or personal additions to uniform, I thought it would be pertinent to cover these subjects most thoroughly, If any additional information is required of me I will add on to this.
When a man volunteers for the army he agrees to follow a set of general and specific guidelines set forth by many men before him. These guidelines are expected to be met by every soldier in the military, whether thought to be stupid or mundane, every soldier will meet these standards or punishment will ensue.These rules are important to maintain the army’s tradition of excellence of dominance. We are the best at what we do, we have discovered a formula which produces greatness, and as such it should be followed. Part of this formula is the uniform code. Although simple, and easy to follow, soldiers(such as myself) may sometimes fall short of the knowledge required to maintain it. Some choose to completely ignore it.
It is important to repeatedly answer the demands of AR670-1 to build a disciplined soldier, one who attends work everyday with the required materials and who acts like an army soldier.The army is required to have regulation 670-1 to hold soldiers to a higher standard than most by the way they wear a prescribed uniform and by their personal appearance. The vision of an American soldier is not one with long hair, dirty uniforms, and untamed facial hair. A soldier should look presentable and professional at all times. A soldier with a professional appearance includes wearing a uniform that fits the following description. Uniform that fits properly and not tight, clean and serviceable, along with footwear that is clean. Also, articles should not protrude from pockets or have a bulky appearance.

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The regulation provides guidance for all men and women in the army to keep this high standard of appearance. Army regulation does not just stop with the uniform, it also includes hair, nails, cosmetics, jewelry, religious articles, eyewear, tattoos, and ID tags. Although all of AR670-1 is important to follow, I will start with the army grooming standards, due to my failure to follow these set standards. When considering a change in hairstyle, as I did, it would be wise for anyone to review AR670-1 to prevent assignments such as this. On top of following these guidelines, consultation with ones leadership would be a smart measure.A general grooming standard is important to maintain certain uniformity within the military. Although many hairstyles are acceptable, they must be neat and conservative.
Since it is impossible to address every acceptable hairstyle or whether it is considered conservative or not, it is the responsibility of leaders at all levels to demonstrate proper judgment on the enforcement of the standards. For men, it must have a tapered appearance, not fall over the ears, eyebrows, or touch the back of the collar, except for the closely cut hair on the back of the neck.Men are not authorized to have dreadlocks or cornrows. Hair that is clipped closely or shaved to the scalp is permitted. Sideburns will be neatly trimmed and not flared and will not exceed the lowest part of the ear opening. Mustaches are permitted. However, the mustache will be neatly trimmed and tapered.
No portion of the mustache may cover the lip line or exceed the corners of the mouth. Men are also permitted to wear wigs or hair pieces to cover up natural baldness or physical disfiguration.If one chooses to dye, tint, or bleach their hair, they must do so with good judgment and avoid colors that alter natural appearance. If a soldier has a hair type that prevents it from being parted, they may choose to cut a part into their hair. The part will be a straight line, neither curved nor slanted. Soldiers will not cut designs into their hair or scalp. Womens hairstyles must be symmetrical, and not extend over the edge of the eyebrows or past the collar.
No hairstyles can interfere with the proper wear of headgear or protective mask. Males must be clean shaven. Fingernails are to be clean and trimmed.Cosmetics are prohibited for men, but females are authorized to wear them as long as they are conservative and complement the complection. My conclusion on my hairstyle after full review of AR670-1 is: Although my haircut was within the limit of the prescribed standards as far as length, and was tidy around the ears and neck, it is considered an unecessary and extreme hairstyle and therefore wrong and prohibited. My actions were wrong because not only did I not follow the set rules of army regulation but I failed to recognize or ask my leadershipnif my current hairstyle would be permitted for duty.This is important because if everyone in the army were to act on impulse, as I did, it would project an image of Religious articles can be a touchy subject for some who are extremely devoted to their faith.
However, AR670-1 lays out strict rules for these items and requests for accommodations will not be entertained. Any religious articles are permitted as part of any uniform as long as they do not appear gaudy or extreme as described in my previous paragraph about hairstyle. The article must be concealed and must not hinder proper wear of the uniform in current use.The article must not prevent the soldier from performing his or her duties at anytime during the duty day. Ordinary jewelry is also permitted however different rules apply. Jewelry is limited to a wristwatch, wrist ID, and a total of two rings (a wedding set is considered one ring). Unless specifically prohibited by the commander for safety or health reasons, these items may be worn at the discretion of the soldier.
Where bracelets are concerned only MIA/POW ID bracelets may be worn on the wrist and only one bracelet is permitted per wrist.Other than the above items no jewelry may appear exposed at any time during the duty day, this also includes pencils and pens. Body jewelry is not allowed while on an army instalation or while on an army controlled area, whether on duty or not. Eyewear is not considered jewelry so it has it’s own guidelines and rules and they are as follows: conservative civilian prescription eyeglasses are authorized for wear with all uniforms. All conservative sunglasses are authorized when in a garrison environment, except for during formatins and while indoors and when health or safety reasons determine otherwise.Eyeglasses or sunglasses that have lenses or frames with initials, or designs are not authorized. Lens color must be traditional gray, brown, or dark green.
Soldiers are not permitted to attach chains, bands, or ribbons to the eyewear. Eyewear restraints are permited only when required for safety purposes. Finally, like any other item, eyewear may not be hung to or attached in any way to the uniform. Another prevalent issue that produces many questions about regulation is the allowed location or image or type of tattoo authorized in the army.To begin, tattoos anywhere on the head, face, or neck (above the class A uniform collar) is not acceptable. Any tattoo that is extremist, racist, or sexist in any way is strictly prohibited no matter the location. Tattoos that are grossly offensive or shock the moral sense because of their vulgarity or filthy intent are also prohibited.
A tattoo that discriminates against either sex is also not permited anywhere on the body. In conclusions in regard to tattoos nothing sexist, racist, extremist will permited.

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