Nursing population health legislation

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Essay Two Assignment Instructions: The Hobbesian concept of a social contract has been manifested in the United States as liberal Democracy. That is, our chosen method of political organization is an electoral democracy and our political system is rooted in the philosophy of Classical Liberalism.

Inherent in Classical Liberalism (and in our political life) is the tension between the idea that government’s role should be largely limited to national defense and the protection of individual freedoms or rights. While the other linked, yet at times contradictory, idea is that government should have a role in promoting the larger social good: protecting the interests of most from the few who might abuse them. Representations of these differing ideas can be found in the writings of John Locke and Jeremy Bentham. respectively. One can find the tension between these ideas at the heart of many of the controversies surrounding health policy.

In your second essay please discuss the following:

A. How might the tensions in Liberal Democracy, described above, come into play for opponents or supporters of partial repeal of the Affordable Care Act health insurance reform? [you will want to refer back to some of the material from Module 5. One potential focus could be the ‘individual mandate’ (see p. 186 from prior readings in Mason et al.) or you may opt for a different focus relevant to the ACA and potential repeals] in the Affordable Care Act health insurance reform (see Mason p. 466).

B. How might these tensions come into lay in a different public health issue such as obesity  or health impact of air pollution and carbon emission? (one paragraph)

C. How is your political analysis of these issues (A and B) affected by your values a a nurse an aspects of your own political philosophy?


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