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Cultural values refer to core principles or standards that are commonly held as acceptable or unacceptable in a community. This standard guide the community in their dealings, such as in settling disputes and also in business negotiations or any other kind of dealings. The current issue in Mexico that needs to be negotiated involves placement of tariffs on Mexican imports by the United States president Donald Trump. This action by the U.S president is aiming at preventing illegal migration into the United States. However, the Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopes Obrador is not interested with the tariff war but instead wants to reach into an agreement with the United States, thus maintaining a good relationship between the two countries. Mexican negation tactics are influenced by various cultures, which are easily noted by tourists or immigrants. Those cultures are discussed below.
The value of Mexican people. In the Mexican community, people are highly valued thus, any decisions made promote the welfare of the Mexican citizens. The placement of tariffs by the U.S president is described by the Mexican president as unfair or undeserving to the Mexican community. The Mexican president wants a negotiation in order to attain unity between the two countries in spite of their political differences. The placement of tariffs on Mexican good directly affects the Mexican citizens thus, the Mexican president wants to protect the Mexican economy through the negotiation. 
Religions of Mexico. Majority of the Mexicans identify themselves as Catholics. Some of them are Christians thus, their cultures revolve around religious values and the church (Diaz-Guerrero, 1976). Religious values, such as maintaining unity, influences Mexicans negotiation tactics. The Mexican presidents say the placement of tariffs to prevent illegal border crossing is an act of ‘eye for an eye’ thus, he requests a dialogue to achieve unity between the two countries.
Mexican art. Some of the Mexican exports to the United States include clay pottery, colorful baskets among other arts. Mexico shares these arts with the United States thus; placement of tariffs also affects the U.S consumers. 
Diaz-Guerrero, R. (1976). Psychology of the Mexican: Culture and personality. University of Texas Press.
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For your future papers, please note that if you use any information from any online sources, then it should be cited and included on your list of References.  Only changing the position of the words will not be enough for academic writing.
If all the words on your paper are from common knowledge, or your own words, then it is not necessary to have a citation.  The beginning of your paper about what are cultural values should have a citation at the end of the description.

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