Part 1 of the project has already been done. and i am looking for who

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PART 2 (Active management strategy for the 10 stocks you have chosen for part 1, a total of 8 pages)

1. Active Management Strategy  (2 pts)

2. Economic Environment (3 pts)

3. Asset Allocation (3 pts)

4. Optimization exercise (10 pts)

5. Benchmarking (10 pts)

6. Back testing (10 pts)

7. Risk-Adjusted Performance (10 pts)

8. Conclusion    (2 pts)

I am attaching the part 1 file, so that you are able to continue for part 2. 

And also attaching one sample file, the sample file is what the assignment i.e part 2 should look like. (FYI it’s just a sample, what I am looking for in part 2)

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