Practical Application Essay

Assignment 2: Practical Application Essay
The purpose of this assignment is to apply your theoretical understanding of the coping skills and apply those skills to your own experiences. Answer the question in a 1-2 page essay that meets these additional requirements:
Question: Discuss the stress process and give examples of each stage of the process. What is the importance of appraisal and coping in the model? What is meant by a balance between the stressful nature of a competitive situation and the athlete’s perceived ability to cope with the situation?
· Provide a concise ratioanale supported by scholarly research explaining each of the coping strategies used.
· Was there a particular quadrant were most of your coping strategies fell? Briefly explain what quadrant most of your strategies fell into.
· Provide a brief analysis of the two-dimensional coping framework and evaluate its relevance based on the examples from your experience you provided.
Write the analysis in 1–2 pages and present it in Microsoft Word document format

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