Racial Profiling

Assignment Details
Persuasive Essay
**Your persuasive essay is due by the end of Unit 3. Any submissions after this time will be subject to a late grade.
For this Assignment, you will be writing a persuasive essay and building a concept map. A concept map is a graphic representation of a path by which your audience can most easily reach your point of view.
Review your Unit 1 brainstorming and free writing Assignments.
Create a concept map utilizing one of the following resources or a resource of your choosing:

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Microsoft Word with graphics
Microsoft Visio®

Demonstrate the relationship between the following in your concept map:

Introductory paragraph
Position or stance on the issue
Supporting arguments and examples defending your position
Identified concession to the argument and rebuttal
Conclusive summary

Review your peers’ feedback on your thesis statement in the Unit 2 Discussion.
Consider how to grab the reader’s attention for the introduction of the persuasive essay.
Write an introduction for the persuasive essay based on your topic.
Resource: Read Introductory paragraphs
Review the specific components to the persuasive essay.
Write a 750–1,050 word persuasive essay.
Follow the five-paragraph format.
Include the following components in your essay:

Introductory Paragraph ‘

Include your thesis statement
Include a discussion of at least three supporting points

Body Section 1 (supporting point 1 fully presented)
Body Section 2 (supporting point 2 fully presented)
Body Section 3 (supporting point 3 fully presented)
Conclusive Summary

Format your work consistent with APA guidelines.
Include a title and reference page.
Cite your sources and include a reference page.

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