Rep 1

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For each prompt, please provide some information from related readings first.   You can also use outside source(s). The rest of the space (for each prompt) should be used for your own: reflections, thoughts, reactions, even relevant anecdotes (if used sparingly).  All sources used need to be cited properly.  I do not necessarily prefer one citation style over the other as long as you are consistent.    I will gladly read your drafts for feedback before you submit them out. 
For this REP I,  no extra title page is required.  There are two prompts for this REP I please stay in the 4 page (total) limit as much as you can.
1. Should United States ratify United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (why  and why not)?
2. Today, in our social lives, are children “active members” of society (in what ways they are and in what ways they are not)? 

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