Research Paper Outline

Research  Question: How does online social networking for children negatively impact a child’s interpersonal social networking? 

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Thesis- Online social networking negatively impacts children’s interpersonal functioning as it reduces social connectedness and well-being and increasing the chance of bullying which then can lead to social awkwardness and social anxiety.  

Review the Sample Outline – following that sample create your paper outline.
The outline should include the following:

Final list of references in APA format (ten references required)
In-text citations to support the body of your paper – show the evidence that supports the main idea of the paragraph
Must be in Times New Roman, 12 pt font.

Please review the rubric and specific parts of the research paper BEFORE submitting to make sure you meet the expectations of the assignment.
Research Paper Rubric
PSY2510 Parts of Paper
The research paper is to be written in APA format. It is to be six to eight pages (not including cover page, abstract, and reference pages), and include the following components:

Review APA Formatting Checklist and Paper Setup BEFORE submitting
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Due no later than Friday 12/8/17

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